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Ask Amy: I used to be daring and adventurous. Now my world revolves around 2 kids

Dear Amy: I am in my mid-30′s. Over the last 10 years, my life has changed significantly. I’m married now and my husband and I have...

Dear Annie: Putting son’s belongings in driveway was tough-love turning point for him

Dear Annie: I read the article about grown children living at home and disrespecting their parents. I, too, had to apply the “tough love” strategy to...

How Leftover Pasta Nearly Destroyed a Family of 7

In the quiet of an ordinary evening, a family of seven gathered around their dinner table, unaware that their meal would end in a tragedy. This real-life story that was

Convicted Air Force major blames wife for fight that led to her death

They were the picture of the American dream. Andreen McDonald, described as a “rising star,” and Andre McDonald, a major in the U.S. Air Force, were...

Carolyn Hax: Wife insists he needs in-laws’ help with the kids while she’s away

Hi, Carolyn: My wife and I are two busy (but not crazy busy) professionals with three children in grade school. My wife just left for a...

Fun things to do with the kids during Vacation Week

Between all the holiday shopping, end of term projects, ornament swaps, cookie exchanges, your job and giving back to the community, it’s no wonder you haven’t...

Mom of the Year! Reese Witherspoon’s Cutest Moments With Her Kids: Photos

Reese Witherspoon is one proud mom! The Legally Blonde actress, 47, may be one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but seemingly her most note-worthy accomplishments are her daughter Ava

Mama June gives update on daughter Anna’s health: ‘Some things have changed’

“Mama June” Shannon has a new update as her eldest daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, continues to battle adrenal cancer. In a video shared to Instagram, the...

Prince William and Princess Kate Shine with Their Kids in 2023 Christmas Card

The Wales family looked picture-perfect in a stunning new black and white photo for their 2023 Christmas card. The snap, captured by photographer Josh Shinner earlier...

Massachusetts man’s deathbed confession rattles family after decades on the run: ‘It wasn’t a weird dad joke’

Thomas Randele was on his deathbed when he confessed to his only daughter that he was one of "America’s Most Wanted" fugitives and had been on...

The 5 biggest mistakes parents make at Christmastime, according to a parenting expert

Pressures are high for parents and caregivers around the holidays. That means there’s room for error, according to parenting expert Hannah Keeley, who offered up some...

What Moms REALLY Want For Christmas

‘Tis the time of year when families everywhere grapple with a common dilemma – finding the perfect gift for Mom remains a huge challenge. My reality....

TODAY family celebrates the holidays together: ‘We crush a party that starts at 3 p.m.’

Everyone's favorite TODAY anchors and hosts were all smiles and laughs while ringing in the season at New York City's Pebble Bar at Rockefeller Center. In...

The Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Impact on Katie and Carter’s Unlikely Family Bonds!

"The Bold and the Beautiful" (B&B) takes a poignant turn as Eric Forrester's wise counsel leaves an enduring impact on the relationships that have woven the fabric of his life.

Frugal Family Fun: 7 Outings for Kids That Are Easy on Your Wallet

If you're a parent, then you know how expensive taking your kids out can get. Between food, entrance fees and souvenirs -- keeping them entertained can feel like a monumental

Kathy and Richard Hilton’s Sweetest Moments with Their Grandkids

The longterm couple has seven grandchildren between their kids Paris, Nicky and Barron Hilton — with another one on the...

Mama June Gives Heartbreaking Health Update on Daughter Anna

The reality star asked for 'continued prayers for the family.'

Tiny Harris Shares Love For Son King Amid Family Drama

Tiny called her son "my sweetheart but a terror at the same time."

All About Ben Platt’s Parents, Marc and Julie Platt

Ben Platt is the son of Hollywood producer Marc Platt and philanthropist Julie Platt. Here’s everything to know about his parents and their relationship with the...

Woman Escapes Parents’ Arranged Marriage to Her Cousin — and Joins the Air Force: ‘I Had to Leave’ (Exclusive)

Inside the remarkable journey of Hamna Zafar, who chose to put her dreams...

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